About PanditInfo

PanditInfo.com is focused in bringing the Pandits from various parts of globe under one umbrella so that those who are needy can search pundits according to their requirements. Our aim is to provide a single platform for users for searching so that they can perform their religious ceremonies and other poojas with ease.

India is bestowed with quality Pandits who expertise in various streams of Pooja but unfortunately their exposure is limited to their surrounding areas. PanditInfo.com attempts to provide such Pandits a global platform so that their talent and expertise is known to masses.

It is often seen that people visit other cities for performing special Pooja and other religious activities but aren’t familiar with the expert Pundits in those cities. Based on our experiences we felt the need of PanditInfo.com for such people who could contact the Pundit of their choice before reaching the city and without any hassle perform their Pooja/religious activities.

PanditInfo.com welcomes all Pundits to register themselves on our portal and get the required exposure they lacked before.

Why PanditInfo

Pandits registered on our websites are reliable and provide their genuine contact information and skills. We try our best to scan the Pandit Profiles before uploading on PanditInfo.com
We have database of Pandit who posses required qualification and expertise to perform the Pooja/Anushthan.
In case you need Pandit for specific pooja, Pooja based search option is provided which will result in Pandit profiles for particular Pooja in various cities.
Get pandit profiles for a particular city in a single click through our city based search functionality